Our horses are the main team of the company. They are the key players of our company and that is why we give them all the care needed for them to be healthy and happy.


Our family is formed by the following members:



Tomate is noble, cuddly and easy handling for children between 5 and 9 years old.
– Name: Tomate.
– Race: Shetland Pony.
– Cape: Bay.
– Height: 1,13 m.


Flipper is a friendly pony for children between 3 and 5 years old. Flipper makes the little ones to fall in love with riding.
– Name: Flipper.
– Race: Shetland Pony.
– Cape: Chestnut.
– Height: 0,94 m.


Casidy is a noble and obedient mare, with a affectionate and sensitive nature.
– Name: Casidy.
– Race: Spanish Mestizo.
– Cape: Chestnut.
– Height: 1,60 m.


Nerea is a mare with a strong character, but very comfortable when it comes to riding.
– Name: Nerea.
– Race: Spanish mestizo.
– Cape: Bay.
– Height: 1,60 m.


LuceroLucero is a compact horse of easy handling. He is clever and loves treats.
– Name: Lucero.
– Race: Arabian mestizo.
– Cape: Cherry chestnut.
– Height: 1,55 m.


Palomita is a mare for beginners, she is docile and easy handling. She is the granny of the stable.
– Name: Palomita.
– Race: Arabian mestizo.
– Cape: Dapple grey.
– Height: 1,51 m.


Pele is the granddad of La Rienda. He is in his retirement. He is the perfect horse for contact therapies, both for the elderly and for people with different conditions.
– Name: Pelé.
– Race: Hispanic Breton.
– Cape: Black.
– Height: 1,56 m.


Ravana is a mare for beginners, cuddly and easy handling. She is noble and greedy.
– Name: Ravana.
– Race: Arabian.
– Cape: Dapple grey.
– Height: 1,52 m.


Ramia is a mare for intermediate horse riders with fast moves.
– Name: Ramia.
– Race: Arabian.
– Cape: Bay.
– Height: 1,54 m.


Mora is a noble mare with an obedient and affectionate nature. Suitable for beginners. 
– Name: Mora.
– Race: Spanish mestizo.
– Cape: Dapple grey.
– Height: 1,62 m.


Federico is a noble and very serious horse. Leader of the pack. Only suitable for expert riders.
– Name: Federico.
– Race: Anglo-Hispanic.
– Cape: Dapple grey.
– Height: 1,64 m.