CUADRA LA RIENDA is founded as a company in 2013, with the main objective of turning a hobby into a professional job.

When I was a child, my grandfather, Indalecio Darias, introduced me to the world of the horse. He was always passionate about these animals and passed this passion on to his children and grandchildren. At that time, and with a forward-looking perspective, he created what we know today as CUADRA LA RIENDA, for the enjoyment of family and friends. Always thinking about the possibilities of implementing for the first time in the island of La Gomera a place to teach the equestrian world and spread this culture and sport.

From that moment, I was passionate about horses and did not waste a single second, learning to ride and enjoying the tours through this beautiful island.

Over the years and as I was growing up, I was increasingly certain I wanted to professionally dedicate myself to horses. I decided to train as an Expert in the Conduct of Physical and Sport Activities in a Natural Environment, in order to be accredited to work with groups.

For different reasons, after finishing my training I couldn’t carry on with my project and had to do other jobs. However, I always had in mind I wanted to open my own equestrian center. And a few years ago, I decided to take the plunge. Together with my partner, the support of my parents and friends, we opted for this new company and put all our efforts to get it.

Since then, with much work and enthusiasm, I enjoy and work with my horses and my family, and I believe we have made many other people also known this world and enjoy these amazing animals.

I am also very proud to have been able to continue my grandfather’s project, and as a native from La Gomera, to be able to make my contribution in the development of our island by providing our services to our neighbors and all those who visit us.

Jonay Jiménez Darias

Entrepreneur and owner of CUADRA LA RIENDA