Our equestrian centre focuses on the welfare of the animals found there, as well as the initial contact, training and learning of the users wanting to enjoy the equestrian world.

At CUADRA LA RIENDA we have 9 horses, trained for riding and strolling, as well as 2 ponies for the enjoyment of the little ones.

Our facilities have 9000 square meters, with three different areas for the implementation of our activities.

On the one hand, we have the area with individual stables for each of the animals, with a view to a better breeding, education and socialization.

Besides, we have a riding arena where we give the riding lessons and horseback rides. We have a 30 x 20 meters track for the lessons and a circular riding arena for horse training.

Finally, we have premises for resting, the theoretical lessons and for the celebration of different kinds of events. We have all we need in or facilities for the execution of different recreational activities.

At CUADRA LA RIENDA we have available the following areas:

  • A closed area with tables, chairs, fridge, microwave and sinks available for events and meetings.

  • An open games area with artificial grass, mini baskets and mini football goals for the practice of different sports and games.

  • A playground and an inflatable castle.

  • A small yard with farm animals like rabbits, chickens, and so on.

  • Parking.